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The best way to find Aruba houses for sale is with real estate

Living in Aruba is currently very popular for foreigners. I also understand very well why. The island is beautiful and there are many fun things to do. The island is also not very developed yet, so there is still plenty of room for companies or improvements. There are also many tourists and especially many Americans with a good salary. Would you like to work in the hospitality industry? Then you probably earn more tips than salary. Do you want to live there permanently or buy a holiday home? Then look for houses for sale Aruba

How does the real estate agency Aruba Palm Realtors work?

First, of course, you make an appointment to discuss which option you want to buy or rent a house. You can choose to rent a house for long term or short term. You can of course also choose to buy a house. When this is clear, you will discuss what you would like to see in a home. How big can the house be? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Etc. After you have discussed all your wishes and dreams, it is of course also important to know what your budget is. If everything is in order and the broker knows what you are looking for, they can get started! 

You don’t have to do anything yourself, after a few weeks they will come back to you if they have found a few options. You can view them via the internet and so you can choose where you would like to do a viewing.

What does a house on average cost in Aruba and what are the tax costs? 

You can buy a house in Aruba for at least $ 200,000. There are houses in Aruba that are even sold for 5 million. You pay about 0.4% tax of which the first $34,000 is tax free.