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Phytoplankton is a great dietary supplement for dogs

Everyone knows that dogs need a certain amount of meat in their diet to thrive. But did you know that meat alone is not enough and that lots of dog feeds do not quite meet all their nutritional needs? There is an easy way to solve this: by using a phytoplankton supplement for dogs and giving this to your pet as an addition to their regular food. This supplement will make your pet happy and healthy, but it does not replace regular vet visits and vet treatment.

A great supplement for both healthy dogs and dogs suffering from skin problems

There are many different health benefits for dogs when you give them phytoplankton. One of which is that they provide relief to dogs with skin problems and irritated skin. It will greatly reduce the itch they feel, which makes them scratch less and over time even results in the regrowth of missing fur. The result is a happy dog with a shiny coat. Phytoplankton for dogs also helps healthy dogs stay healthy and provides a boost to their immune system.

Choose the right supplement for your beloved pet

In order for dogs to benefit from all the advantages that phytoplankton supplements have to offer, it is important to choose the right supplement. Only when the supplement is fresh and free of additives does it do the most good for your beloved pet. Therefore, you should purchase your phytoplankton products from Mr. Ros. This specialist offers incredibly fresh phytoplankton with no additives. After harvesting, the phytoplankton is directly packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag. A fresher and more natural supplement cannot be found!

Order phytoplankton products for your pet and for yourself

Phytoplankton not only has a great many health benefits for dogs, it is also a great supplement for you yourself. Therefore, you not only find products for dogs in the web shop of Mr. Ros, but also supplements for yourself. There are even products for other pets, like cats.