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Nucleic acid purification

For nucleic acid purification and isolation kits for genetic material you can go to for all the laboratory equipment. There is a lot of advanced biotechnology which you can use in biomolecular, biochemical and gene studies. You can find these applications in our web store. There is for example a wide range of automation platforms that scientists can use to do their research on genes. These experiments and analysis involves nucleic acid isolation, DNA purification or other separation method.

For ultimate control over nucleic acid purifcation, RNA isolation, PCR experiments and similar tasks there are efficient devices. Those can take liquid samples of the right size, check levels of liquid and pipet on molecular level. To increase accuracy and precision you can use our products for isolation of DNA, RNA replication and purifcation of nucleic acids in samples. See our webshop for everything that GC Biotech has to offer.

DNA and RNA isolation kits

To make sure research on genes and nucleic acids can be done a scientist needs RNA and DNA isolation kits to be able to separate debris from the interesting parts. It’s needed to get clean results with as less interference as possible. GC Biotech provides all the kits which are necessary for high quality genomics studies. Isolate nucleic acid, separate DNA and purify RNA. We got the tools to get the samples you want to analyse. In the next section we discuss automation applications such as various liquid handling platforms which can speed up this process.

Automation platforms

In order to purify nucleic acid, isolate RNA and to separate DNA one can use automation platforms of GC Biotech. These machines can be used to correctly sample vials, check if the current level of liquid in the container is what it should be. And there are laboratory devices that use the Verified Volume Pipetting technique. So get your automated detection systems and liquid handling robots at


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