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7 memorable Things to do in Sintra

This City in the Portuguese has to offer you an experience unlike any other place in the world. IT is because of its mountains that are filled with greenery and the buildings that are made here. Most of these old buildings are made at the peak of the mountains that not only make them fun to reach. But once you get there, the views are also amazing.

Renting a car in Sintra will never be a bad idea. If you are a person who loves comfort and you don’t want to waste your time, you should book a rent a car. It will help you see different things in SIntra easily. Autoportugal har more info: Additionally, one of the best things is the boundaries. So, here we will discuss some things that you must do on your trip to Sintra.

Things to do in Sintra

The following are some of the places that you must visit in Sintra.

Pena Palace

The palace was originally made for the summer stay of King Ferdinand 2. This is the reason why it has an exotic appearance. The palace is built in the historical style of the 19th century and there are special trees planted around the place. The best part is the view of the palace and the views of the surroundings.

Cabo da Roca

This is located at the point where the boundary of Sintra ends. This is the place where land and the sea meet however this point is still 140 meters higher than the sea level. The main highlights of this place are the lighthouse and the evergreen plants that make this place very beautiful.

Park and Palace of Monserrate

Rather than Portuguese touch, this place has an English historical touch to it. It is because its architectural duties were done by an English aristocrat in the 19th century. This place has a very beautiful exterior that is further complemented because of the flowers and greenery present in the park.

Cruz Alta

If you go to the Pena park for a walk, then this is a spot that you must visit. Here there is a stone cross that is uniquely made. This is a 528 meters high point in the area where you can easily get a stunning view of the Pena Palace as well.

Castle of the Moors

This is the northeast side of Sintra where there are ruins of a mighty castle on the peak of the mountains. However, there is a wall that has square towers, and this wall helps climb the steep mountain. The views that you will get from this place are stunning.

Palace of Sintra

The Palace of Sintra is known for its architectural design. The building has 2 cone-shaped towers on the top and the architectural style refers to the 15th century or older. It is because this was the time when this building used to be a residence. This is not only stunning on the outside, but it is also eye-catching on the inside because of the beautiful decorations.

Palácio Nacional e Jardins de Queluz

This is an old building that was made in the 18th century. The exterior of the building has extremely good stonework. One of the best things to see at this place is the fountain where there are small statues made from stones attached to the boundary of the fountain.


Sintra is the place where the oldest buildings are complemented with the presence of the oldest trees. This makes the environment so unique and amazing as well. If you are on a trip to Sintra, the places we mentioned here must not be missed because these are some of the best locations you can visit in Sintra.